How Much Cash Do We Pay For Scrap Cars in Toronto & Scarborough

  • We have been scrapping old vehicles for over a decade, which allowed us to establish many relationships with scrap metal purchasers and auto parts purchasers. This allows us to purchase scrap cars from you for much more cash than hundreds of other scrap car removal companies in Toronto.
  • We are located in Scarborough, where costs to operate a business are much lower than in Toronto, Mississauga or Brampton. This allows us to pass these cost savings to you by paying you more cash for your scrap cars.
  • We pay up to¬†$3000 for old vehicles.
  • We also purchase used vehicles in working conditions. This saves you time advertising the vehicle on Kijiji and Auto Trader and wasting time meeting with people who will waste your time. We will pay you more than the market value of the vehicle.
cash for junk car Scarborough